Barrisol Lumiere Color

Barrisol Lumiere colour stretch ceilings and walls enables a variety of ambiences to be created, thanks to Lumiere’s light and colour variation technology. The colour, imagery and emphasis of the space is dependent on the type of the lighting system that is installed on the surface, so that all aspects of the environment are organically suited to each other, to create an aesthetically stunning scheme of colours and imagery.

Product Feature

Barrisol Lumiere Colour uses a Barrisol translucent sheet that is lit by a physically higher light source. This then gives the occupants the ability to change the light intensity, translucency and colour thanks to the system of LED light variation that is exclusive to the Barrisol product family.
Barrisol Lumiere sheets are designed to be translucent, in order to diffuse light in an even and homogenous way. Due to the spectrum of colour, and the subtle degrees of translucidity of the sheets, the lighting styles on offer can be diffused, lively, coloured or natural. With this, you can ensure you have just the right the look for each event with enhanced acoustic performance, and can also come as perforated, or custom image printed.
Apart from the normal applications of the Lumiere sheets, in spaces such as cinemas, restaurants, airports etc, the Lumiere line with its innovative colour changing capabilities has been found to be particularly suited to medical clinics for application in chromotherapy and luminotherapy.

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