3D Formations

Stretchmaster is incredible excited to introduce Kiwi designers to the amazing possibilities that BARRISOL 3D offers. Due to the creation of BARRISOL 3D, and the groundbreaking properties of the material, the design of volumes and forms in three dimensions offer many possibilities.

Product Feature

All architectural forms can be created: rings, waves, cones, paved, cubic, pyramids, vaults, full-clothes hangers, warheads, corbellings, semicircular arches, ogives, tri and five-sided.

BARRISOL 3D executes the resumptions of edges in hollows and reconstitutes the simple edges, arcs with double rollers, on capitals, lintels, pilasters and much more. The two main technique categories that BARRISOL 3D formations are created in are Wave forms and Ellipse Forms.

BARRISOL 3D applications are limitless. From functional uses such as furniture, to decoration, restoration and much more are possible:

  • Luminous paving stone in a dining room design
  • Multi-coloured waves in a restaurant
  • Gigantic cylinder in an airport
  • Vaults of a nave in a church
  • Cubic display unit for an exhibition
  • Humanoid form in a shopping mall

Stretchmaster’s factory trained and certified implementation specialists are available to ensure the designers vision is implemented with perfect accuracy.

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