Acoustic stretch ceilings

The Barrisol Acoustic Stretched Ceilings range of products are the premier solution for acoustics oriented interior design. The acoustic range is precision engineered absorb spurious sounds and reduce noise pollution, resulting in the aural comfort every musician and creative professional deserves, be it in professional studios, and public and private spaces.

Product Feature

The acoustic range also offers the same level of customization and creative freedom that designers have come to expect with BARRISOL, by being available in 110 colours and 7 different finishes. The acoustic absorption of the BARRISOL acoustic range works by controlling the reflection of the sound waves within the room, the sound waves emanated from the source are partially absorbed by the sheets, thus reducing disruptive noise reverberation.

The Acoustic range offers a high precision of aural control for designers, with four different noise absorption rates, allowing designers to cater to client specifications for professional sound needs to a high degree of specification. This technology can be integrated into a wide variety of settings, from public settings like museums and airports, to professional and private environments like concert venues and music studios. It is ideal for any space where the occupant’s aural comfort is a critical factor.

The technology and engineering that are designed into the BARRISOL Acoustics sheeting allow it to produce a spectacular and consistent interior environment.

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