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Ceiling tiles

Barrisol ceiling tiles are modular tiles associated with Barrisol® ceiling and installed on metallic rails.

Ideal to renovate and decorate, Barrisol ceiling tiles are easily removable and give access to the plenum. Moreover, new possibilities of design are possible like the “mosaic” effects or the matter oppositions.

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Product Feature

Barrisol ceiling tiles combine performance durability and flexibility. Stable in time and with the rigid frame, they avoid problems of aureoles, moulds, paintings scaled, disjoined plates, fissured plasters, repercussions of dust and fibers of the plenum.

Available in more than 130 colors and 8 finishes (lacquer, satin, matte, brushed suede, translucent, perforated, recycled and acoustic), Barrisol tiles are ideal to renovate and decorate. A printed version is also possible.

Their flexibility makes it possible to integrate all types of luminaries: luminous paving stones, embedded spots, suspended luminous slopes, way of light, optic fiber… like all technical equipment such as air ventilation, sprinklers and smoke detectors.

They are resistant to the shocks and humidity. The product is classified M1. There confirm with all hygiene standards.

They offer high acoustics performance and reduce the effects of resonance.

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