Barrisol Layers Concept

Barrisol Layers Concept is an innovative new method of utilizing BARRISOL membranes and sheets, to create authentic 3D visual effects for printed ceilings and walls.

Product Feature

The Layers Concept works by strategically arranging several Barrisol printed translucent sheets in conjunction with the exclusive Barrisol edge retention system, this technique creates an enhanced depth and perception to the surface imagery.

Designers can also make use of LED lighting systems to add an extra visual effect, and with the option of lighting controls, the occupants can further change the look as they please.

The Barrisol Layers Concept has the below qualities, to maximize sustainability, while providing maximum value: Light management controls ease and simplicity, allows the unhooking of the system at any time without restriction, waterproof, insensitive to moisture and condensation, acts as effective vapour barrier, ease of maintenance, resistant to significant loads caused by the water damages and thermal insulation.

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