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We are proud to exclusively introduce New Zealand to the Barrisol’s Bio Pruff sheet, the industry leading solution for designers in their quest for a contamination free and sterile room.

Product Feature

The Bio Pruff sheet is treated with a cutting edge anti-microbe and anti-fungi treatment that makes it perfectly adaptable to interior situations where the risks of contamination must be minimized as much as possible, and will easily meet the medical and food industry safety standards.

In tradition with Barrisol’s record of environmentally responsible design and ownership, the Bio-Pruff sheeting’s are washable and fully sterile, to answer for medical grade hygiene, and can be safely re-used.

The practical applications for the Bio-Pruff sheet are immense. Operating rooms, hospital wards, schools, dental practices, kitchens, catering depots, anywhere hygiene and sterility are imperative.
We are proud to offer outstanding service and implementation of the Bio Pruff sheet, to ensure the highest quality of hygiene safety and peace of mind.

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