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Printed light ceiling
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Print your mind

BARRISOL print solutions takes personalization to a whole new paradigm. The BARRISOL stretch ceilings and wall havebeen engineered to have the ability to print directly onto the sheeting. Personal photographs, corporate insignias and logos, art, or our own offered stock images can be chosen and printed onto the sheeting which comes in 230 colours and 15 finishes. Designers for the first time ever can base the colour scheme and look of the entire interiors of any professional office or private residence based off just a corporate logo or a piece of art. The possibilities of our printed solutions are virtually limitless.

Printed translucent ceiling waterproof

Product Feature

Translucent print – This method combines the printed sheet with one of our many unique lighting solutions, which will create an entirely unique look and feel.

Layered Print – Layered print transforms the way you perceive images through combining different translucent stretch sheeting and layering them on top or in front of each other, to create incredibly exciting and thought-provoking abstract imagery.

3D print – Due to the unique nature of the BARRISOL perimeter rail and support systems, it makes it possible to create all kinds of beautiful and artistic three-dimensional shapes, circles, squares, right turns, curves, virtually any shape you can think of.

Acoustic print – Acoustically oriented print solutions can portray custom printed imagery on a ceiling or a wall, while having the ability to absorb unwanted noise reverberation, reduce noise pollution and provide aural comfort and speech intelligibility

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