The ecological Stretch Ceiling

As well as being the world leader in innovative interior design solutions, Barrisol’s other main priority is environmental responsibility. In response to this ideal, the Barrisol Recycled range has been developed, that consist 100% of old Barrisol sheetings that have been previously used.

Product Feature

With over one million square meters of stretch ceilings and walls being installed worldwide annually, it is ever more important that recycling and environmental responsibility be a major priority in the eyes of the designer. With the exceptional quality of Barrisol Recycled sheetings, the sheetings have a useful life of at least 20 years.

The Recycled line of sheets are available in four colors: beige, white, gray and black. There are three finishes available: Matte, Perforated and Acoustic. The Recycled range is an excellent fit for projects concerning “green buildings” and other environmentally conscious projects.

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