Barrisol acoustic lighting is a revolution in the combination of aesthetically pleasing flexible design, balanced luminosity and efficient acoustic.

  • Barrisol acoustic light corrects the acoustics of a room whilst also providing a perfect balance of light
  • Barrisol acoustic systems are lightweight with a fast installation time. With materials that are adaptable to fit any space or design requirements.
  • Systems easy to access and maintain

The Barrisol translucent sheet range can be combined with any Barrisol acoustic ceiling system. Our acoustic lighting systems are recommended to be conformed of two layers to allow for an excellent acoustic rating whilst also giving an even light output.

The bottom Barrisol layer is perforated to match one of Barrisol’s four acoustic systems: NAnoperf (A15), Acoperf (A20), Microacoustic (A30) or Miniperf (A40). The top layer is installed without perforations.

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