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StretchMaster specializes in the supply and installation of Barrisol stretched ceilings and walls in New Zealand. Barrisol is the world leader of stretched ceilings for almost 50 years, with presence in 145 countries; being internationally awarded for design, innovation and sustainability.

Established in 2014, Auckland-based Stretchmaster specializes in stretched ceilings and walls installation, introducing Barrisol to New Zealand, world leader of stretched ceilings, since 50 years and present in 145 countries.

Barrisol, a lean high quality product for interiors, make all great designs possible; with products developed under the principles of safety, performance, technique, long lasting quality, efficiency and aesthetics. Performed at the satisfaction of the customer and upright to the environment.

Targeting businesses located in New Zealand and some of the south pacific, Stretchmaster portfolio includes Air New Zealand, Ferrari, Top Shop, Mecca, Spark and Marriot Hotel Spa Fiji.

The Stretched Ceiling Product Range

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High Performance Acoustic Solutions

The Barrisol Acoustic range is uniquely engineered to reduce reverberation and improve room acoustic quality, due to patented micro-perforations. There are four micro-perforated solutions available enabling you to meet the acoustic needs of any space.

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Fire Certification

Barrisol stretched ceilings comply with New Zealand fire safety standards and have been issued Group 1 flammability testing (Flammability index = 1) – ASNZ15.30.2. Also classified as Group 1-S in accordance with the New Zealand Building Code, testing ISO 5660 and ISO 9075


Profile Rail Systems

The ability to create almost any shape possible can be achieved using over 80 different Barrisol profile rails on offer. These profiles are offered in either Aluminium or PVC can be bent, curved, and formed into any shape giving architects and designers endless possibilities.

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Lighting Supply and Installation

We consider lighting design a crucial part of the process when choosing a Barrisol back lit ceiling. We provide lighting design, supply, and installation of superior quality LED lighting systems specifically to suit all our Barrisol ceilings.

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Metal Fabrication

We offer a wide range of customized architectural metal work solutions, including prototype design testing to evaluate new concepts and to enhance precision for every Barrisol installation.

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Stretchmaster considers the impact on the environment, that is why all products used are recyclable. Barrisol is the only one to provide BioSource and sheets that are 100% recyclable, where the manufacturing process does not use water resources; with zero onsite waste and no dust or paint fumes.

With the Barrisol Les Recyclés range we offer solutions for “green buildings ” construction. We believe that Barrisol is the most environmentally friendly ceiling and wall product available, commitment to  sustainable development.

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